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Cnc Series 0f Machlnlng Centers
FEATURES The machine is the introduction of the German company’s technology,through full digestion and absorption, for the modern division of fine, automatic processing of lean features such as the use of modern manufacturing technology, in-depth development of mechanical and electrical integration of CNC products. Its advantage lies in the advanced automatic processing technology successfully applied in China’s machinery processing industry,to improve the level of China’s machinery processing technology- which has a significant role in promoting,with, a slightly higher than the domestic price of similar products to import International Advanced equipment,so it has a good cost performance. The machining center is mainly used for the function of machining on the plane surface, and it can be well designed according to different requirements. With its powerful processing function, high machining accuracy as well as high cost performance, it should be the first choice of the mechanical blade manufacturing and precision machining industry.
Multi Grinding Head Knife Grinde
FEATURES DMSQ-NC series grinding machine is specially designed based on artificial intelligence of INDUSTRY MANUFACTURING 2025 in china. This intelligent machine has great advantage of powerful function for repiring and feeding grinding wheel automatically and adjusting working table angles automatically, as well as energy conservation and gracious cosmetics. Its effective grinding range various from 1700mm to 6000mm, and it can be customized according to different requirments.
Multi Grinding Head Knife Grinder
FEATURES DMSQ-NC-M-FJ series automatic vertical grinding machine with double grinding head is specially designed by our companys technics according to user requirements. This machine integrates all the functions of NC type, and it can achieve high-precision requirementsis for differient materials.
Multi Grinding Head Knife Grinder
FEATURES The urgent demand for the high-precision Knife Grinder increases along with the rapid development of the industrial technology. With over 20-year experience in the refined production of Knife Grinder, the company draws upon the most advanced technology in the industry in the world and others’ strong points to develop a new high-precision facing grinding tool with functions of multi grinding head grinding, polishing, automatic cleaning, multiple filtration and cooling. As the exclusive patented model of WEIRUI, several techniques have filled in the technical gaps in China’s grinding tools. The machine enjoys the leading technique level in the global industry. The two grinding heads are able to work simultaneously from two different angles and also carry out rough grinding and accurate grinding at the same time. The imported frequency converter and computer control (color touch screen) are used for the grinding head motion and grinding wheel speed so that the speed can be adjusted freely within the specified range thus realize better precision. The magnetic roller type paper tape filter with accurate grinding cooling cutting fluid has a function of multi-stage filtering, ensuring a clean and excellent cooling fluid state for the cooling process,so as to make the sharpener in the best work condition. It is applicable to the sharpening of various high quality imported hard alloy steel blades, such as Bona, Kolbus, Winnebago and Schnaider.It is the an ideal choice for the industries such as book and label printing, hard paper, fine chemical engineering, plastics and leather, wood based panel.
Multi Grinding Head Knife Grinder
FEATURES DMSQ-FG series grinding machine is specially designed for precision transmission guideway industry, which specializes in precision grinder of surface grinding and twill grinding. With advanced design, energy conservation and environmental protection as well as gracious cosmetics, intelligent grinding machine should be the first choice of precision track manufacturing industry.


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